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Name:Sam Winchester

"So what are you gonna do? You're just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?"

"No, not normal. Safe."

"And that's why you ran away."

Sam Winchester is many things. For starters, he's very bright and always did well in school. He's always done well for himself in that area and even got himself a free ride to Stanford. Besides that, he's also got a kind streak in him that never lets him stand by if someone's suffering, even if that means more pain for himself. He has genuine empathy and concern forothers and won't hesitate to lend a helping hand if he can.

He's always been more sensitive than the rest of his family and isn't afraid to talk things out. That's not to say he wears his emotions on his sleeve though. Sam has a secretive side to him that can end up getting him in trouble, always reluctant to tell too much about himself.

That probably stems from the fact that he's always felt like an outsider everywhere he's been in life, even with his own family. He tries hard to be normal, to fit in, but he knows deep down that he'll never quite manage it.

Despite not being quite as loud or outgoing as his brother, Sam has a good sense of humor and can keep up with his brother's sarcasm pretty easily. People are usually drawn to his friendly nature and feel they can open upto him.

for all his positives though, Sam has plenty of flaws. He c an be arrogant and self-righteous, believing he's right no matter what. All that determination that can be positives elsewhere can develop into singleminded obsessions fairly easily. He's got a stubborn streak a mile ride, just like his father. He's not easy to dissuade when he's got his mind set on something.

He's also an angry person deep down, hidden under everything. Angry that he's not normal, that his father trained him as a soldier instead of acting as a parent, angry that he's never had anything a normal kid should have.

Even if they don't see eye to eye, Sam would still do anything for Dean. He's spent his entire life looking up to his big brother, wanting to be just like him, and that doesn't just fade overnight. Even when it comes to his dad, he'd still go out of his way to help him.
This journal is primarily pre-series (college years) and season 1 based. The mun is flexible on canon point.
College 'Verse: Sam hadn't expected Dean to show up on his doorstep so soon after he left for Stanford and though he was tempted to slam the door in his face, he decided to give his brother a chance.

Mostly because he just missed him, regardless of what fights had gone down.

They made a night of it. Drinking and arcade games, hanging out like old times. The only thing that wasn't quite like 'old times'? Was the drunken fooling around that night. One night of fooling around led to something more and eventually had Dean moving in with him. All was well until Sam's friend, Brady, found out about their relationship and told the entire school what they'd been up to.

Nothing left to do, they ran for awhile. It was only when they came back to get their stuff out of Sam's apartment that they realized the news had made it back to John. After a blow out with their father, Sam and Dean hit the road again. Ashamed and hurt, it took them awhile to decide what to do, but their trip landed them in Savannah, Georgia to settle down.

Again, all seemed to be well again. They both had jobs, Sam was back in school, and they were happy. At least until demon attacks and car wrecks happened. They ended up in the hospital, both sporting bad injuries that left them in there for several days, only to learn their apartment had burnt down as well.

With nowhere else to go, the boys ended up back at Bobby's to recover, fix the Impala, and decide what to do. [With [personal profile] samefivealbums]

Interested in starting a verse with Sam? Feel free to get a hold of me!

The Road so Far [college-verse]

→ Sam is up for any kind of plots at all.
→ Wincest friendly, but by no means required.
→ PM or use contact posts if you want to get in touch with the mun.

§ Information layout credit goes to [personal profile] lavaliere.
§ Coding done by [personal profile] advancing.

Mun and muse are over 18.
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